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DISH Network MDU Bulk Programming

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Cost effective programming with a wide range of programming choices.

MDU BULK programming is a great way to provide your residents with excellent television service at reasonable rates. No in-home receivers are necessary for this program, and you can provide residents with basic and expanded programming. This program can be provided in MDUs or master plan communities.

Bulk Programming Plan

This program allows for maximum value for residents in multi-family communities. The operator will install a ‘shared dish system’ that allows residents to view pre-selected programming packages that are best suited for the property.  All tenants receive the same programming (no individual choices, NO PPV). Residents do not need a receiver in the unit to view programming. The BULK programming plan from DISH Network® provides a wide range of programming choices and a value-added amenity for property owners to offer their residents. This is the start of a scalable solution that can be upgraded to the Neighborhood Value Plan (NVP). For details click here.

Product Features

  • Affordable way to offer all residents in your property quality television.
  • Requires 100% penetration of a property.

Equipment & Technology


    For each new Bulk Subscriber Account with a minimum of thirty (30) units (for model 311 receivers) or fifty (50) units (for model ViP HD 211k and ViP HD 222(k) receivers) that a property activates, such  property may be eligible to receive an Additional Incentive under either one of the receiver options for details click here.

  • Headend at the property to deliver programming to all residents (SMATV).
  • Receivers are not required in each unit.
  • In the bulk model the property would be responsible for purchasing the hardware and installation costs upfront. Financing is available.


  • An affordable way to deliver programming to every resident in your property.
  • Can be upgraded to deliver HD programming to individual subscribers in properties through the Neighborhood Value Program (NVP). See the NVP information for details.
  • Local channels can be added at a very low cost for the entire property.
  • The property owner can either roll the costs of programming, hardware and installation into the rent or bill each tenant individually.

Service is provided subject to the terms and conditions of the Commercial Customer Agreement (the “Commercial Customer Agreement”), which is available to you on our website click here.  Programming prices/rates and packages are subject to change without notice at any time and from time to time in the sole and absolute discretion of DISH Network® for any reason or no reason. All bulk programming rates are based on 100% of the total rooms/ units** per month with a minimum prerequisite of 10 rooms / units per bulk property.


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