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Hotels, Hospitals and Assisted Living
 With DISH Network® for Business, your guests will be able to enjoy quality programming at affordable prices you can handle. For more details Click here.

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Bars and Restaurants
With DISH Network® forr Business, your restaurant or bar will be the place to enjoy great food and drinks. For more details:   Click here.

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Office and Retail Locations
 With DISH Network® for Business, is designed to enhance your waiting areas, lobbies and office spaces, keeping your customers entertained and your employees informed. For more details: Click here


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Apartments and Condos
Whether you are an apartment or condo owner, developer or resident, we can answer your questions and help you come home to great satellite television entertainment.
For more details: Click here.

Since no two properties or deals are exactly the same, DISH Network® Commercial does not offer a "cookie cutter" solution for every situation. Rather, as business partners we will consult with you to evaluate all your alternatives and make recommendations as to the best solution based on your needs. With this approach, we can provide the best balance of installation, equipment and programming that DISH Network® can offer.
Nursing homes, hospitals, hotels and motels call today
and save up to 75% of your cable bills.
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